An Import Export Business To Business Conference


12th - 16th Dec, 2021


SUVA, FIJI (South Pacific)

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Connecting Suppliers to Buyers

Come and meet our large group of Retailers, Buyers, Wholesalers and Distributers from the South Pacific Region that are seeking your products.

An opportunity not to be missed!

About The Conference

Presented by Trade Experts, The Import Export Trade & Investment Conference Expo to be held in Fiji is a live event which will provide a convenient way of connecting major Importers, Retailers, Buyers and Distributors from the South Pacific Region to Overseas Exporters, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Suppliers.

Every year thousands of Retailers and Buyers from the Pacific Region travel long distances to countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other regions to find reliable suppliers for products they need. This is not only time consuming but a costly affair to them.

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This Event makes it convenient for Retailers and Buyers from the South Pacific Countries to meet up face to face with Overseas Exporters and Suppliers allowing them to form trusted trade relationships between each other.









5 Reasons why you must register to this event


Be a part of the largest business to business Import Export and Trade event in the South Pacific Region connecting suppliers to buyers


Meet up with thousands of Verified Retailers and Buyers who are seeking your products and are ready to buy from you. Make deals directly with them without going through other parties.


Retailers find it difficult and costly to verify overseas suppliers and visit them on-site. By taking part in this event, retailers and buyers can conveniently interact with you in person and you will have the advantage of gaining their trust giving them the confidence to engage in trade with you.


Save Time and Money. As an overseas Supplier, you will not have to waste time and money seeking for retailers from the south pacific region from here and there. Our event will have hundreds of buyers available to you under one roof. Gain many buyers in a short span of time from the event itself.


Our Recommendations and Influence will make the world of difference in acquiring good trade partnerships with Retailers and Buyers from the South Pacific Region for you.

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Thinking about accommodation in Fiji during the event? We have it all sorted. There are many different types of accommodation available in the heart of Suva city itself to suit your requirements at very competitive rates.

Please enquire with us and we will be able to discuss options with you.

Travel Visa to Fiji

All Exhibitors will be issued with an Invitation Letter formally inviting and confirming their placement at the event. This confirmation letter can be used to gain your visa to Fiji without any issues. Upon your arrival we have arrangements in place for your airport pick up and drop off for your convenience.

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About Trade Experts

Trade Experts Pte LTD, a registered company based out of Nadi, Fiji provides a service of sourcing products from around the globe for retailers, importers and buyers in the South Pacific Region

We verify and locate the right suppliers for our Retailers suiting their requirements thus making it easy and convenient for them to achieve their goals without having the hassle of sorting it out themselves

The same goes for Suppliers looking for Retailers, Importers and Distributors in the South Pacific Region. We provide a one stop destination for them to use our trade consulting services allowing us to connect them to our Retailers and Buyers from the Pacific.

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